Benefits of Energy Medicine

Frequent lasting benefits

  • Experience peace and well-being
  • Function from a calm, grounded center
  • Communicate more easily with others
  • Rekindle energy and motivation
  • Focus on the present, not the past or future
  • Experience a deepening spiritual connection
  • Awaken your own inner healer

Client comments
During a healing session

  • Feeling safe (which is unusual for me)
  • Feeling of frozen parts being thawed
  • Positive visions of persons with prior conflicts
  • Sadness, then tearful release (I never cry!)
  • Something unlocked or shifted
  • The anger drained out of me
  • Awe and wonder at recovered memories

Client comments
At the end of a session

  • Deeply relaxed, peaceful, and calm
  • It took the edge off of my emotions
  • Feeling of lightness — a weight taken off
  • I don’t feel preoccupied with that issue now
  • Open, upright posture (not tight, hunched)
  • More energy, enthusiasm
  • Warm, comforted, content, loved
  • Hopeful, optimistic, joyful, excited
  • The possibility of freedom


Vietnam Vet

  • You provide a relaxing safe place to understand and gain relief from on-going traumas.
  • I feel confident, optimistic and feel relief from PTSD.
  • After the last session I felt renewed for weeks.

Vietnam Vet

  • I’ve slowed down the barrage of thoughts.
  • The guided journeys have brought more general awareness into my life.

Spouse of Vietnam Vet

  • I haven’t felt this sense of release/lightness since I was a young child.
  • I feel completely different; things that used to aggravate me just slide off now.
  • I have this great feeling of happiness!
  • I’m ecstatic about my sense of connection. I’ve never felt this before.

Vietnam Vet

  • The sessions provided greater sense of calm, peace, and acceptance.
  • And one brief, wonderful, unexpected moment of release.
  • Also, through the animal totems, I found a useful tool for “self-help”.

Spouse of Iraq Vet

  • I truly feel blessed to have been able to experience this healing. It was truly enlightening!
  • I am more optimistic and motivated – and these feelings lasted long after the sessions.

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